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It is unfortunate that the loss of your position with us has been so difficult for you. However, the policies you describe do not correspond with those Great HealthWorks has in place. Our actual policies are designed to protect our customers. Sometimes it is necessary for us to let someone go for that same purpose.
Tampa, Florida

Worst possible. Work at home job ever.

My contract was terminated without warning after only working for three weeks, because I could not meet the 52% retention of saving customers. 95% of these customers are 75 years and older, these are old people who are living on a fixed income and are being forced to stay on this product, which is just a supplement. These customers have all kinds of ailments and this Omega XL is not a miracle pill it will not make them live any longer, or cure them. I cried myself to sleep knowing that I was a part of this company scamming old people out of their pension, or SS.

There were people that lost their jobs and could not afford the product, and they we were still trying to ship and bill their credit cards every month. The company has this infomercial stating that if you buy one bottle, you get one bottle free, but the infomercial does not state that you will be billed and shipped two bottles going forward nether does the sales agent that takes the call. The company does not put the total amount on their invoices, so the customer gets a surprise when they receive the credit card statement in the mail. The company claims that the customers have a 90 money back guaranty on the first two bottles, but by the time the customer really gets their account cancelled it is way past the 90 days.

And if the customer does not ask for the money we were told to not refund the customer their monies. They train you to be empathetic to the customer’s feelings and pains but not their Credit Card. If a product is that good then the company will make millions by repeat business and word of mouth. Not forcing and scamming.

They claim the customer is not in any contract, but we cannot cancel. We were trained to do everything within our power to keep shipping and billing the customer monthly. There are cases where customer cancelled their accounts and it was mysteriously activated and they get the surprise in their credit card statements. This is what has America where it is today, Scam to become richer from poor people.

If you are heartless with no morals and values and don’t care about your grandmother or is not even a Christian, then this job is for you.

It is and was not for me so I Thank God when the company sent me the email stating that my contract was terminated. If I felt that I needed to cancel based on the customer’s situation then I cancelled.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #830973

Thanks for the heads up! I was looking for a work at home job and someone told me about them.

But nothing about what you shared. I have such a big heart I wouldn't be able to live with myself..

Southfield, Michigan, United States #819891

Thank you I was thinking about trying this but no way now.

to Rose #841451

And .. it could be that this article is all BS because the guy didn't do their job adequately, and is a disgruntled employee...