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Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Was a customer for 2 years. The product was very expensive, seemed to work for one thing, but not all of the things it was supposed to help with.

Gave it a good try and tried to be consistent with taking it. When it becamse too expensive I called to cancel the order.

The cutomer screwwer rep. ( Richard ) was a complete ***.

He offered as many dicscounts as he said he was authorized to offer and then offered to suspend the order for a few months to help me out. When I declined the offers he intentionally tried to *** me off by wasting my time as I had already explained to him that I was on a 15 minute break at work.

Richard is obviously a *** artist and the company obviously supports that. I'll bet he is their top CUSTOMER SCREWWER REP.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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