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We understand that job hunting can be difficult and frustrating. We receive many applications candidates, and of course, we only have a limited number of positions available; we are unable to respond to every application. We wish you luck in your search. We encourage you to visit our careers page and to apply for availalble positions for which you are qualified.

can anyone help me how to get job there because i already applied through the website I never got reply from, I submitted my application approximately 15 days ago they just said we will get back to you if needed, but couldn't hear anything yet can anyone guide me email me some info at

I heard reviews about them it seems like its a good company when you need job you really wait terribly to wait for reply but but you don't get reply soon and settle on the job............................................... that makes your story more credible: scans of receipts, screenshots, photos of goods, videos with personal appeals, etc.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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