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We’re sorry to learn of the difficulty you had with your cancellation. We would very much like to look into it, but that isn’t possible, as you have chosen to remain anonymous. If you wish to address your concerns, please contact our Customer Advocacy Group, at 1-800-607-0419, or, if you prefer, via email at
Toronto, Ontario

We cancelled in February after 2 years of use due to financial reasons. They still took out payments 8 weeks later, (after cancelling formally), without permission. When we phoned they didn't seem concerned that they had done this. They said to return the item immediately for a full refund. We cancelled again a second time in May and returned another shipment as per the Visa Corporations instructions within five days of receiving it.

now it is Sept. and still no refund to us or visa. We are truly disappointed that they would treat customers like this after using their product faithfully for so long.

At least stand behind your policies.

They have lost a good customer and we will do everything to let people know how they rook people out of their money.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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