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We’re sorry to hear that you have been ill. OmegaXL is an all-natural supplement demonstrated in more than 30 years of clinical research to be safe and effective. Your post is anonymous so we are unable to further investigate the information provided here and to date we have not received information from any third party providing the details posted.
Clearfield, Utah

i experienced bloating gas and diareaha for three days from omegaxl poison pills. After not sleeping for three days I called to cancel and they told me to use it thirty more days.

My stomach pain is so severe I am going to the hospital . To die. they offered to refund my money in thirty days, but would not pay for loss of work or medical bills. I sent them an email the second day because they put you on hold for thirty minutes because so many people have problems with their rat poison omega xl and never got a response.

I thought global warming was going to remove all human life if we can't control its effects on weather. I was wrong great works with the endorsement of Larry king alias Adolf Hitler will be the leader in the removal of human life. In the next few weeks. Buyer beware!

I am forwarding this product to my states attorney general as should anyone else who has ever heard or used this omega xl poison. Hopefully I will live another day.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Great Healthworks Cons: Poison pills, Poison probiotics, Doctor does not reccommend, Kill larry king.

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