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Jan 2012 I decided to order this product after watching Christian channel via infomercial on Omega XL. Rec'd the product and immediately started taking as recommended.

After the two bottles were taken, decided to put the order on suspension indefinitely because I decided to use Nature Bounty's brand of Fish Oil, which is less expensive and does pretty much the same. Although after talking with the company in February, June and July 2012 about placing order in SUSPENSION indefinitely/until further notice, unexpectedly, and without the forewarning of the company, I received an unexpected order two days ago (September 2012), with approximately $63.00 taken out of the account designated for "automatic withdrawals". The "withdrawal" overdraft my account. Fortunately, I was able to put $$$ into the account without any charges for insufficient funds penalty.

I called the company, and communicated my concern for about 30 minutes and complained that I never told them to release the suspension. The customer service reviewed the calls made during the months of Feb - July and forwarded the matter to a supervisor who was supposed to have contacted me within 24 - 48 hours. I have YET to hear from a supervisor. This is supposed to be a Christian -affiliated company, yet their practices are far from Christian-based principles about refunding money.

I thought that consumer were backed by the Fair Trade Agreement or Consumer RIghts Protection Law. Should I be able to return ANY product that has not been opened (delivery or actual product packaging) and get a refund? The company indicated that the return policy is effective for only after the FIRST 90-days of receiving the initial order. WHAT!!!!?????

I have never heard of such, especially if I had not placed nor received an order in 9 months!!!

This company should be smacked with a serious investigation by the Attorney General's Office, Fair Trade Commission, BBB, any Consumer Rights Commission and a Class Action Lawsuit!!! I AM PISSED!

Monetary Loss: $63.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #683789

The only real way to deal with companies like these are to place legal action against them. It takes money to do this, but at least you won't be throwing your money away.

It will be going towards a great cause. Confiscation of their computers, books, and any and all assets relative to the operation of this company will be required and only by a court order can this happen. It will take the services of the FBI to handle this operation as this company operates in many states of the USA, not to mention overseas (internationally). Give them the "customer service" that they give us by telling them "sorry" when their assets are seezed for investigation due to possible corruption.

Who knows, meybe this company is a store-front operation to fund terrorist organizations. They should most definately be investigated.

After reading all of the negative comments, I'm not interested in this product at all. But I am interested in setting this company on their way to non-existance.