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Milford, Connecticut

Omega XL caused leg swelling for me. The only reason they can claim "no side effects" is because no one reports them. Make sure you call in any side effects to Food division of the FDA so they can track this product.

Don't buy this Omega XL because they do not honor their refund policy. Customer service gives you the run around. They keep a good rating with Better Business Bureau because they settle any claims filled with them, but that's after someone have spent may hours on the phone, repeat calls, and months waiting for no action. Most people just give up and take the loss. But do look at BBB sight, they have hundreds of complaints. Not a good sign. Great Health Works, the parent company for Omega XL, is not a trustworthy company. You can get fish oil other places for less and not have to put up with this ***. This company should be shut down.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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