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OmegaXL’s directions for use indicate a starting dose of 4 gelcaps per day when a customer is new to OmegaXL. Thereafter, customers may gradually taper down to taking few gel caps each day. Because the first bottle would only last for a half month if a customer takes 4 gel caps per day we offer a free second bottle with the first order – our “Buy One Get One Free” offer. We’re sorry that this seems to have caused you some confusion. We would have contacted you directly to discuss your concerns, but you chose to remain anonymous. Should you wish to talk with our Customer Advocacy Group, you may call them at 1-800-607-0419 or via email at

They do not show anywhere online and do not tell you unless you ask. You have to take 4 pills per day. That means you, after tax and shipping and handling are paying over $4 per day. In addition, one full bottle will last only 15 days.

When I called to ask this question, they kept trying to avoid it. They demanded my credit card, name, how I heard about them, etc. They already have my phone number because all 800 number series is allowed that information by the PUC.

It took me over 5 minutes just to find out about their lie (by omission,) and it appears that their ordering and customer service are outsourced. Will never buy from this lying company and shame on Larry King for doing infomercials for them.

Reason of review: lying about cost.

Great Healthworks Cons: Lying company, Doctor does not reccommend.

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