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We regret hearing that you have had a difficult experience. Reviewing your account we have found that your order was refunded, as requested.
Eugene, Oregon
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i set the product back because it was'nt working. requested my money back, was told as soon as they recieve the product back they woukd refund my money.

I closed account and said not to send any more. the nest day there was a hold on a payment at my bank for another shipment. i called and cancelled again. was told i would recieve a full refund for both shipments of their product.

it would take two to three weeks.

they also took the money that was on hold that i told them not to. this company is a big rip offffffffff.

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Fresno, California, United States #579525

I called & got authorization# for a return. I tracked it and they received it 42 days ago.

I called they said I would receive a refund no later than 30 days. Called 3 times & each time they promise to put my refund through. Even promised to call me back & send me a tranaction# . They still have not called back, they are refusing to answer my messages and still no refund..

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. Hopfully some law office will do a class action law suit against them & shut them down.

They only way to prevent future shipments is to cancel your credit card and get a new one. Refunds can go through but notcharges