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Omega XL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to purchase it on a monthly basis. Your offhand references question its efficacy, and yet you cite no facts to support this point of view that is flatly contradicted by the support and testimonials of so many, as well as the clinical evidence.

Our training program neither includes the tactics you describe, nor the language you put in quotation marks. These appear to be your own words, and your own sales strategy. As you have chosen to remain anonymous we are unable to undertake disciplinary measures for these unapproved behaviors. Due to your anonymity, and your lack of actual knowledge of our training and sales programs, we have to question if you actually are one of our contractors.
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Hello everyone!

I currently sell this *** for Great Health Works as a "Virtual Contractor", which means I don't work for them as I'm just a Idependent Contractor, so not only do they screw customer but they screw us too.But on with the scam.

The training I received was pretty much push them to buy and DO NOT give the price until you've gotten the credit card number. See most of the Scamomercials don't actually give the price, so when a "mark" or customer calls, and says "how much is it?", I have to say "let me get your zipcode so I can look up the pricing in your area". Now, we all know what the dam price is and I'm not looking up anything, its a stall. So I now tell the customer that my pc is being slow or some *** like that and ask them "what benefits do you want to get from Omega XL?" or "How do you want Omega XL to change your life?".

This is where I'm supposed to tell them that they will definitely get relief from whatever they told me they were suffering from and that they can try it for 90 days with a money back guarantee. If the customer doesn't want to buy, I can then "FLEX" the price. This is funny, I tell the customer that I mite be able to convince my supervisor to drop the price from $49.95 to $39.95 and put them on hold for a few minutes. During this time, I'm not talking to anyone!

I work from home so, I usually go get a drink or use the bathroom but when I come back, I have great new mr.customer! My supervisor just authorized the price reduction for you. So many people fall for it:( I get so many calls from banks trying to cancel on behalf of a customer because the customer has been ineffective. I sell about $12,000 a month worth of this *** and I get 4% commission.

Your probably wondering how do I sleep at night? Well, its hard, I have a family and was laid off and this is what I ended up with for now. They pay $10 a hour and on nights and weekends its $15 or $20 a hour plus 4% commission. The actual Great Health Works employees are *** bags, they talk down to me and most of them can write a email without atleast 5-10 grammar mistakes.

I have a degree and I have to deal with these uneducated *** bags that are convinced they are changing the world. *** ***** is a doosh bag but a professional scammer and this product is doing exactly what it was designed to do and that's make money.

TO CANCEL AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK, CALL YOUR BANK AND REQUEST A CHARGE BACK:) They hate those!STAY THE *** AWAY FROM THESE *** and all the positive coments on here are Great Health Works employees, they have a team that posts rebutals to all negative coments on every complaint site....what a job that is:( and some of the rebutals are nasty so you can see what I have to deal with everyday.....hopefully god will send a new job my way soon:)



thank you!


Thank you for the heads up I'm trying to cancel my order but can't get thru to a human. I'll be BACK!! Thanks

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The product is very expensive compared to other products, see Costco for an example of a much cheaper product.

Yes, it is very hard to cancel, I just cancelled today.

The salesperson kept trying to get me to wait and extend. Had to be firm and say no. Now, I'll have to see how fast it takes to refund my money, most likely will just request a charge back if more than five days.

I understood there was no scientific research as most vitamin companies don't do the research.

Yea it may help some people who don't eat right or take vitamins.

I do both so the product did zilch for me.


I love this product.May it helps some and not others.

I take the Omega XL and by arthritis is about 90% better.I like it.


yall butt hurt about a product!oh well!

it works! for those that are complaining about a price i don't see yall complaining when the doctor prescribe you this medicine but you may have side effects with something else then they prescribe you something else to counteract the side effects of the initial drug prescribed! I currently work for the company and they are not bad as you guys make it seem!

look at sprint, they say they offer faster service but once you're with them you have crappy service a high phone bill and it cost $350 to cancel early because the service doesn't work!oh well maybe if you all invested properly and saved properly paying for a supplement without side effects wouldn't be any of you all worries


They won't cancel my orders after I've called twice they won't take NO trying send free bottles I sai don't you know the NO all these companies a fraudulent they push push I literally held No


I ordered one bottle of OmegaXL.It turns out that I am alergic to one of the ingrediances.

I called and cancel any further product. To date, I have received 5 bottles. Every month I call and cancel.

I have spoken to my credit card company and they are going to act on my behalf.Buyer beware.


This person Is not telling the truth!


Not sure how long ago this was posted but I am also a Virtual Contractor for OXL and that is not at all how I was trained!I was trained to tell them "I will be glad to look that info up for you and while I do that, let me ask what benefits are you looking to get from using OXL?" When they answer, we then reiterated the success rate and value of the product and immediately give the price promotion at that time.

Only after the customer decides to proceed with the order we continue. FIRST we get the address, then the phone number, name AND THEN we get the payment info.

This company also provides its contractors with the product each month FOR FREE as well so that we can take it for ourselves and know firsthand the value and benefits of what we are selling.I appreciated OXL and it has been a blessing for me.

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Are the exams in the certification course difficult ?