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OmegaXL has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who continue to order our product on a monthly basis. We would like to contact you to discuss your use of OmegaXL, but you have chosen to remain anonymous. Should you want to discuss your use of our product, or to request a refund, we recommend contacting the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-607-0419, or via email at
Montrose, Colorado

Nothing. Nothing bad but definitely nothing good either.

I should have requested money back but not worth the effort and I am sure they know that. Have learned our lesson, one more time, that when you are desperate things to try sound too good to pass up, and if they work that is wonderful. All too often, however, if it is too good to believe it is probably just that. We just finished the second bottle and will not order more.

Hopefully, they will honor our request not to send any more.

We just refused an order and returned it. Will have to make sure we are not charged for same.

Reason of review: Did nothing.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #899222

I just got off the phone with healthworks, And they are refunding my money :-) I called #1 800 488 8082, they're very pushy and still want to talk you into keeping it, don't fall for it, get your hard earned money back, this Omega XL is ripping people off, they know people who suffer with pain would try anything for relief, So Sad :( The Guy I Talked To Is Named Mike Ext.2009...Hope this will help you :-) Peace Out


Buyer beware of Great Healthworks (XL-Omega). I have consistently had issues with this company.

(1)If you decide to cancel an account by phone, make sure your request is followed-up in writing otherwise they will "Defer" your account just to restore it and tell you that they cannot refund your money for the product mailed. (2) I experienced quite a bit of inconsistency with communicating with differerent representatives. (3) There is a lack of transparency in communications as well as their process in opening and closing accounts, as well as the so called "referral program." (4) check your bank statement monthly to ensure they are not mismanaging your funds. And if they owe you a referral, make them accountable in keeping their end of the bargain.

My dealing with this company has been unsuccessful.

I hope a new and better product comes through that knows how to treat loyal or new customers. Good luck!