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It is unfortunate that the loss of your position with us has been so difficult for you. However, the policies you describe do not correspond with those Great HealthWorks has in place. Indeed, if our trainers behaved as described they would be disciplined – as you have learned. We would be glad to investigate the claims you have made, but you have chosen to remain anonymous.
Hollywood, Florida

I was contacted by Great Healthworks for for a customer service position with some up-selling. I passed the interview process and was hired. Training was incomplete and unorganized. Our class had 4 different trainers for less than 2wks. One of the trainers just got out of training the 4 days earlier. We were told that they hire about 17 employees and were only going to keep about 4 or 5. During training, we all found out that this is hard core retention and not customer service. At the 3rd week I was put on the sales floor and was told to stop people from canceling their automatic payments. Most of the calls were from people that were not told about the automatic payments and people who got sick from taking these super potent omega 3 capsules. I was told by my supervisor to just make up lies to get them off the phone and not to cancel their service or else I would be fired. I was told to lie about how well its working for my family and friends. Whenever a manager was requested, I was told to say they were not available and to transfer them to voice mail where they will never get a call back.

My supervisor says, "if you would just make stuff up you would do very well here."

I was later fired during the fourth week because I a requested a refund for a senior citizen who is on a fixed income who was never told about the reoccurring charge to her bank account.

I lost my unemployment compensation for accepting this job that was misrepresented to me.

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The infomercial sounded too good to be true. It's hard to not believe the complaints. Based on that plus the fact that the price is very high for my fixed income, I've decided to pass on this miraculous fix all.


are you suing them?


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