Tampa, Florida

On 3/20/14, I ordered 2 bottles of Omega XL for about $90. A few days later, I called to cancel and request a refund.

The rep said to wait until my order arrived, mark it "return to sender", and it would take another 30 days or so after that to get my refund. I did as he asked, and was issued a refund for $81.90 (all but S&H) on 5/9/14. I had to wait a little while, but GH DID refund my money as promised. The reps I dealt with over the phone ("Randy" and "Denise") were courteous and followed through with their promises to refund my money.

I cannot complain about their customer service, and am only taking the time to write this in order to be fair to them. They may have mistreated the other posters here that are complaining-but they treated me very fairly.

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