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Great HealthWorks employs hundreds of people and is a leader in supporting the local community. We strive to deliver top-quality products to its customers, including OmegaXL, an all-natural supplement derived from the green lipped mussel and sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand and encapsulated in the United States. We invest countless hours and resources training employees and developing products designed to improve the lives of our consumers. It is disappointing that someone would elect to publish this anonymous and defamatory post.
Pompano Beach, Florida
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Great Health Works is a sweat shop

They treat there employees horrible

They caters to the Hispanic employees

*** ***** Ceo, Miles Dupree Coo, and David Boden attorney are Crooks. ..David is facing prison time..Ken is a racist and Miles is just *** and make dumb decisions If Ken was smart he would get rid of Miles and the business would probably grow. Miles and his wife show boat the company's money and rob the employees every chance they get. Miles made a decision to lay off dedicated employees in August 2014 these employees been with the company for over 3 yrs and they was replaced with new employees another dumb decision.New hires are hardly trained and graduate and become a disaster and fired. Health benefits are extremely high that employees cannot afford. No raises Never! !! I can go on and on about this company

Omega XL is from China not New Zealand

Do Not Work for this company

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Woodstock, Georgia, United States #926578

This is no true. I work for the company and believe these complaints to be absurd.