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We would very much like to address your concerns, and to help you with your refund, but you have chosen to remain anonymous, so that isn’t possible. If you wish to discuss a refund with us, please call the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-6070419, or via email at
Allentown, Pennsylvania

After taking the Omega XL product and getting no positive results, I returned the product within the required time frame and requested a refund. When the refund did not arrive after over a month I called and they promised to return my payment.

After another month and no refund, I called again and was promised a refund. Another month went by and no refund.

I called a third time and was told that my request for refund would have to be investigated and that I should allow them another two months. This company is not living up to their promise to refund payment and is ripping their customers off.

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