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We would very much like to address your concerns, but you have chosen to remain anonymous, so that isn’t possible. If you wish to discuss a refund with us, please call the service professionals in our Customer Advocacy Group at 1-800-6070419, or via email at
Spokane, Washington
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I cancelled my membership by fax on 12-23-13 and on 12-31-13 they sent out another order. I called and waited on hold for 50 minutes before I got a live operator.

I was able to cancel my membership by telephone but they refused to refund my shipping. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back.

Since this is their mistake, I feel they owe me the refund of the shipping also. Their response is you cannot cancel by fax, only by speaking to a customer service representative, who offers you a discount, then offers you free product and then suggests you take 8 capsules a day!

DO NOT leave your number for a call back, as it never happens.

Monetary Loss: $66.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #803584

I am in the same boat. Very bad customer service and definitely a scam.

I did the same thing and they are saying they never received the second shipment back. I refused it and returned to sender. I was told I would have to pay for shipping on it IF they ever get it back. I've been on hold for half an hour for a supervisor which I am guessing will not take my call.

I got a call AFTER a telephonic cancellation of my membership where the rep pretended I was still a customer. When I told him I cancelled, he did his best to try to get me to reinstate membership saying I hadn't given it enough time.

It took some anger on my part before he finally backed down and told me a refund minus shipping would be coming for my initial order.