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We’re sorry for the difficult experience you had with automatic calls. We use such calls to instruct customers who are confused or uncertain about proper use of our product. This has been corrected and you should not receive additional calls.
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I ordered the Omega XL.Everything arrived just as promised.

I called to cancel and got the runaround. They want to suspend my next month's order so I can get the full benefit of this order. They'll reduce the payments. Blah, blah, blah.

The next thing I know I start getting auto dialed from 954-905-2272 telling me to watch the dvd supplied with the first order so I will know how to get the best benefits and to then call them at the customer service number. I get this EVERY DAY! I have a Telemarketer Block on my number phone yet they repeatedly go through it. I have nicely asked to be removed.

I have not so nicely asked to be removed. I called their customer service center and was told "Ma'am, we don't have any auto dialer." THE *** THEY DON'T! I DEMANDED A CALL FROM A SUPERVISOR AND WAS TOLD THEY DIDN'T HAVE ONE AVAILABLE.


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You should be ashamed of yourself accepting the free bottle then complaining that they will not cancel your account, when you called in to order you were so fixated on the free that you ignored everything else that was said to you. now you complain.